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Highest oil palm yield recorded in juvenile oil palm plantation 


Sri. Purushotham Nadgouda, 53 year old oil palm grower of Kundargi Village, Gokak Taluka, Belgaum District, Karnataka has harvested 28 tonnes FFB/ha from his four year old oil palm plantation.

Sri. Purushotham Nadgouda has planted 63 oil palm seedlings (18 months old) in his field on 27.7.2007 in an area of 0.44 ha. Immediately after planting, palm basins of one metre radius were made and basin method of irrigation was adopted at seven days interval. Palm basins of two metre radius were made in 2nd year and three metre radius from 3rd year onwards. Mulching was done regularly with sugarcane trash / soya / ground nut husk.

During juvenile period, he attained additional income by taking up intercrops i.e. soya, ground nut, maize, sunflower. During first year (2007-08), soyabean and ground nut were raised as intercrops. Expenditure incurred was `. 14,325/ha and `. 13,875/ha- and net profit was `.11,675/ha and `. 22,125/ha for soyabean and ground nut respectively. During second year (2008-09), he has taken up maize and sunflower. Expenditure incurred was `. 12,500/ha and net profit was `. 13,000/ ha and `. 27,500/ha for maize and sunflower respectively. During the third year (2009-10), he has taken up only soyabean as intercrop. Expenditure incurred was  Rs.11,250/ha and net profit was `. 13,750/ha.

He has applied 50 kg of well decomposed Farm Yard Manure every year during juvenile period in two splits. Since intercrops were grown and mulching was practiced, no weed growth was observed. Hence no cost was incurred for weeding. Spraying of glyphosate was taken up once for controlling the weeds in inter rows of palms.

He adopted fertilizer schedule recommended by Directorate of Oil Palm Research, Pedavegi. Department of Horticulture, Karnataka has supplied the recommended doses of fertilizers under government of India programme. Technical know how and other facilitation was done by M/s. Godrej Agrovet Ltd., Goa.

He practiced ablation regularly. Having seen the good palm growth, he stopped ablation at 32nd month and started harvesting the bunches from 38th months onwards. He obtained an yield of 28 tonnes FFB / ha/year from three year old oil palm.

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