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ICAR-IIOPR celebrated National Productivity Week from 12th to 18th February 2017.


As per the decision by the National Productivity Council, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt of India and the direction from the Council, “National Productivity Week” was observed by ICAR–Indian Institute of Oil Palm Research, Pedavegi, Andhra Pradesh from 12th to 18th February, 2017. Keeping in view an importance of productivity for various sectors of national economy, the National Productivity Council has selected the theme “From Waste to Profits through Reduce, Recycle, Reuse” for this year. Banner containing message of National Productivity Week was displayed at the main gate of the Institute for creating awareness among farmers.


Current cultivation practices in oil palm are heading towards soil degradation, building up of nutrient deficiencies and pest incidences and finally stagnated yields. There is a tremendous scope for enhancing the productivity of oil palm by recycling huge quantity of on-farm biomass (10-11t/ha) i.e., leaves and male inflorescences of oil palm. Most of the oil palm farmers are not utilizing the farm waste properly and rather many are spending a good amount of money for disposal of biomass from the gardens to make the garden neat and clean. Hence, available biomass can directly be used as mulch and converted to rich compost in palm basin itself.



On this occasion, IIOPR has organized training programme to 100 oil palm farmers by giving special focus on recycling of oil palm biomass  in palm basins itself.  The Director of the Institute addressed the farmers on various cultural practices which can directly improve the productivity oil palm. Series of talks were delivered on major plant protection and production aspects. A pocket size book on Oil Palm Production Technology was distributed to the farmers. Demonstration on recycling of oil palm biomass in palm basins was conducted. Finally the programme was ended up with fruitful interaction between Scientists and Farmers.

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