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     * Best  paper  award for  the  research  paper titled  'Sustainable

        agricultural  production  in  Coastal  Agro  Ecosystem  of  A.P

        through  technology  assessment  and  refinement'  authored

        by  M.V.Prasad,  et al  in  the  National  Conference on Coastal

        Agricultural  Research  held  during  April 6-7, 2002  at  Goa.


     * Dr.P.Kalidas received professional Excellence award in recognition

        of the services in Agriculture by Rotary Club of Eluru (RI Dist.3020)

        for the year 2003-04.


     * Dr.P.Kalidas  got  first  prize for the  work  carried out in the NATP

        project  entitled  'Development  of  Integrated  Pest  Management

        Technology for  Palm  Based  Production  System'  in the National

        Symposium on Enhancing Productivity and Sustainability in Coastal

        Agro Ecosystem held by Office of AED, NATP (Coastal) at CTCRI,

        Thiruvananthapuram during 9-11 June, 2004.


    *  Dr.P.K.Mandal bagged bronze medal in the long jump event at the

        Sourth Zone ICAR Sports Meet held at NAARM, Hyderabad during

        January, 2005.


    *  Best  poster award for the paper titled 'Oil Palm genetic resources

        -Introduction,Utilization and Future Needs' by R.K.Mathur et al  in

        the International Symposium of Plant Introduction, Achievements

        and Opportunities in South Asia conducted at NBPGR, New Delhi

        during 15- 19, Feb, 2005.


   *   Best poster award was received for the paper 'Optimization of PCR

        Reagents  for  amplification  of  micro-satellites  in  Oil  Palm' by

        M.Jayanthi,  G.Sujatha  and  P.K.Mandal  in  the  Second  Indian

        Horticulture  Congress held  in  ICAR Complex  for NE Region,

        Barapani, Meghalaya during 18-21, April, 2007.


  *   Second  best  poster  award  was  received  for  the  contributory

       article 'Influence of different growth media on growth of germinated

       oil palm  hybrid  seeds'  by  P.Murugesan and  G.Bijimol  in  the

       National  Conference  on  Oil  Palm  for  Farmers  Prosperity and

       Edible Oil Security held at Vijayawada, A.P during 2-4 Feb, 2008.


  *   Dr.M.V.Prasad, Sr.Scientist  received  young scientist  award  from

       Indian Society of Extension Education in recognition of outstanding

       work  done in the field of  extension  research and  field  extension

       services.  Award was recieved  during the  ISEE  National  Seminar

       held at IVRI, Izatnagar, U.P during 29-30, December, 2009.


  *   Second best poster award was received for the research article

      'Adoption of Oil Palm in Kari lands of Kerala under rainfed condition

      - a case study' authored by Prasad M.V, Sunitha S and Kochu Babu M

       in the ISEE National Seminar 'Enhancing Efficiency of Extension for

       Sustainable Agriculture and Livestock Production' held at

       IVRI,Izatnagar,U.P during 29-30, December, 2009

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